Saturday, 16 February 2013

Prints Charming

Needlecord kaftan (about £7, Exmouth charity shop), Ted Baker waistcoat (about £20, House of Fraser sale), 90s boots (£5.50, eBay) earrings (99p, PDSA shop), bangles (50p each, car boot sale)

Check out the slightly sinister print! I don't know if this is actually an original item - funnily enough I have a length of fabric like this in pink and grey tones that I bought new a few years ago.

I took a trip to Nailsworth on Thursday as I'd heard there were some good charity shops there. The first two didn't turn up anything, but the third was definitely worth the trip. At last - a proper old fashioned charity shop crammed with stuff and sensible prices.

60s or 70s handmade velvet hat £3, (Emmaus Nailsworth)

Somebody went to all the trouble of stiching all those lines in the panels!

Beyond knowing roughly how much fabric each type of garment takes, I rarely buy fabric with a specific project in mind. That said, this 70s polyester length said 'halterneck maxi' as soon as I spotted it in a box of remnants. 

70s polyester £4 (Emmaus).

60s or 70s (not sure) crimplene type fabric £5 (Emmaus), probably destined to be a dress as well.

These two are ebay wins, and I'm thinking of blouses for these. I have a pattern in mind but I'm not sure I can bring myself to pay £4.99 for it!

What about you, have you sewn anything recently?

Thursday, 7 February 2013

We Will Rock You

To be honest, I'm not wild about this dress. It's a Dollyrockers, my size and cost less than a tenner, but there's just something a bit 'meh' about it. By Vix's rule it should be destined for a new home.

Dollyrockers by Sambo dress (eBay), orange belt (Salvation Army shop), boots (eBay), green top (jumble sale).

Anyway, I've been meaning to show you the rocket toy I knitted for JB1 for Christmas. Unfortunately, it failed the 'toddler test' shortly after the big day and has been waiting for repairs ever since.

Rocket re-knitted and hopefully toddler proofed this time!

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Forty Shades Of Green

Not quite forty, will three or four do instead?

 70s Bermona trend velvet beret (eBay), Monsoon coat £8 (Cancer Research), mitten/glove hybrids gift from our favourite trollop Helga, Skinny jeans (seen here), 90s velvet and leather boots £5.50 (eBay)

70s Lurex Garment Worker's Union shirt about £7 (ebay), scarf (had for years), feather earrings 99p (PDSA shop)

Label from the shirt, especially for Curtise.

Signs of Spring, despite the wind.