Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Sound as a Pound

Just a quick trip to a nearby town this morning to visit Poundland and a couple of charity shops. Purchases were bits for the boys and 2 new to me CDs for my 90s Indie collection. Here's what I wore:

 St Michael 60s mini dress (Thames HospiceCare), Rocky Road waistcoat (ebay), Leggings (made by me), boots (Evans, 6 years ago), 70s/80s PVC bag (ebay), bangles (car boot, retail, P.A.W.S), earrings (Claire's accessories sale), faux agate ring (Dorothy Perkins, via ebay)

 Close up jewellery action!

Close up of the print on my leggings. 

I made the pattern myself from this tutorial. One of the calculations is the wrong way round, but I soon worked it out. It's pretty easy to do and I've just bought some more fabric to make more. Learn how to make your own leggings and you'll never be restricted to boring shop bought leggings again! Unless you can run to Black Milk's offerings, but I certainly can't (loving the Middle Earth collection though)!

Linking to Ta-Dah Tuesday!

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Ruby Tuesday

As I haven't joined Ta-Dah Tuesday for a while, here's a couple of finds from the last few weeks. 

 I found the lurex top a couple of weeks ago in a branch of St Peter's Hospice that I rarely go to. It's C&A, I think late 70s or 80s, £4.00. The boots I found this morning. They're Clarks, nearly new and they were just £2.
Today's outfit -  Guatamalan dress, via eBay (about £11), velvet scarf  (Accessorize concession, Dublin Airport 11 years ago), leather look belt (jumble sale , 50p), boots as above.

Saturday, 19 January 2013


You know how snow sort of captures and magnifies any available light? When I woke up yesterday morning (before dawn), I knew it had snowed just by the way the streetlights were reflecting through the obscured glass at the top of the stairs. Okay that and the weather forecast, but I never completely trust snow predictions as I've seen snow less than a dozen times in my life. Ironically, it's snowed here every winter since I was pregnant with JB1 (that's four winters and counting). We had around 4 inches in Bristol. JB1 and I went out and built the compulsory snowman and filled up his beach bucket, but he got bored after half an hour and came in for hot chocolate and an apple (odd combination, but that's toddlers for you!).
I seem to have taken virtually the same 'snowy garden' picture for the last few years!

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Pushing The Boundaries

Hello all! Hoping you had a great Christmas and New Year. We had a lovely quiet Christmas Day, just the four of us and did nothing for New Year. In between festivities, we visited Mr R&Bs family and I indulged in a little charity shopping, where I found the two dresses pictured.
A New Year usually heralds a flurry of resolutions, but like last year, I'm simply going to have a few aims for the coming year.
One of my aims is to step out of my comfort zone more often, both sartorially and emotionally. I've never been one for short skirts, but I dared to wear this ensemble yesterday:

60s St Michael zip mini dress £4, Thames HospiceCare, Bench space leggings £2.40 eBay, boots about £15, eBay

Did the sky fall in? Did anyone tell me to dress my age? Did I feel overdressed? Emphatically no to all the above. Maybe I'll go short more often. And just to prove I can still laugh at myself:

70s? House of Lucas lurex shift dress £5, Thames HospiceCare.

How about you, any post-Christmas finds? Do share!