Sunday, 16 June 2013

You Said I Was Cheap, You Were The Sale Of The Century

Hello peeps!

Absent again, but I have at last got some useful things done. We've had a child-free weekend (hooray!), although the return is imminent as Mr R&B has gone to collect the boys today. Friday I stated making a pair of trousers for myself (well, a muslin at least) and with minor adjustments, they will actually fit (more on those another time). I also had to go out to sort some toddler group paperwork (yawn), but had a quick browse in the charity shops and found some things I'd sort of been looking for (again, that's for another post). Friday night we went to Mr R&Bs' annual professional association dinner (he is chair this year, so was pretty much running the show). A high percentage of boring old f**ts as expected, but a rare chance to dress up and eat some food not cooked by my own hands! Saturday was spent doing more sewing, plus shopping and today I've been sorting out our bedroom as it's looked like an explosion in a jumble sale for the last two weeks. 

I came to the realisation the other week that I really do have far more clothes than I could probably wear in a month of Sundays, so some will be finding new homes hopefully. As vintage fairs here are (bizarrely), few and far between and/or beyond my scope, I'll be having a blog sale/giveaway. Some will be free to a good home (just P&P), and others I'll be selling.

I've also got plans to do a car boot sale soon as there's quite a lot of baby things (amongst other stuff) that the boys have grown out of. Mixed feelings about this, but it's got to be done. 

Here's Sleeper from 1996 to play you out. Seriously, 17 years ago?!


Vix said...

It sounds like you've been having fun and doing lots of positive and good things. Hooray to having time out as a couple and being waited on, too!
I'm surprised a city like Bristol doesn't have as many vintage events as we do - maybe a possible venture for you?! xxxxxx

pastcaring said...

Oh yes, a child-free weekend is a great opportunity, as is any chance to dress up and not have to cook!
Like Vix, I'm surprised Bristop doesn't have a thriving vintage fair scene - don't you get Judy's Affordable Vintage fairs at all? They seem to happen all over, perhaps you could contact them through their website and suggest they come to town! Any city with a large student population would be a good prospect, I'd imagine.
Good luck with moving your unwanted things on, either via a car boot or blog sale. I need to crack on with shifting some of my unnecessarily large amount of stuff too...
Show us the trousers when they're done! xxxx

My Unfinished Life said...

sometimes even I have the realisation that I have way too many clothes to wear off!! but then ...i dont think that while buying!!

Helga! said...

O, gawd, darling, I have come to the point of convincing myself that it isn't that I have too many clothes...I just don't have enough storage! XXX