Saturday, 29 June 2013

Cleaning Out My Closet Part 1

I told you in my last post that I was pretty much drowning in clothes and that I was goining to offer some for sale/giveaway on here. So this is the first batch of items, there will be plenty more to come.

First up these fab woven blue 60s/70s trousers by 'Shapely'. Bought these from the US, via Etsy but they don't fit me properly, so they need a new home. They have a side zip and the waist is 29", rise is 12", inside leg is 29", bottom hem 11". These are £12.

Next are these 70s 'Gear by Maxbro' purple cotton jeans. An ebay purchase, again didn't fit properly. Waist is 30", rise is 14", inside leg is 28", bottom hem is "10. These are £10.

These are new/old cords by 'Night Train', have shop label attached. They're supposed to be original 70s, but personally I think they're repro. Anyway, the measurements are: waist 31", rise 11.5", inside leg 36", bottom hem 10". These are £10.

Somewhat risque, these will appeal to the exhibitionist (though the less brave could wear leggings underneath)! Unlined synthetic lace. Waist 30", rise 11.5", inside leg 27", bottom hem 12.5". These are £8.

SO wish these fitted me! Handmade cotton twill 70s flares. Waist 30", rise 9", inside leg 29", bottom hem 15". These are £10.

Gorgeous 80s 'Shelana - London' tapered leg jumpsuit, would look wonderful on someone else. Viscose with a slight crinkle. Waist approx 31" (back elasticated, so some give to it), shoulder to crutch 32", inside leg 27", bottom hem 10". This is £12.

90s St Michael cotton jersey playsuit. Gorgeous colours, but just doesn't look right on me. Waist 24" - 32" ish (elasticated), shoulder to crutch 32", inside leg approx 6". This is £10.

If you'd like to buy anything here, please contact me via email (on my profile page). Postage will be based on total weight and I'm happy to post internationally.

If you've not seen anything you fancy this time, please keep an eye out as there's lots more to come!


pastcaring said...

Ooh, love the first pair of trousers but they would be too small for me, and the jumpsuit is gorgeous but has too short an inside leg - bugger!
Good luck with selling and decluttering, Liz. xxx

two squirrels said...

Oh what fabulous vintage them. I am sure they will find great new homes.
love V

Vix said...

There's some seriously groovy pants going on there. Curses to my long legs, those lace pants would be like pedal pushers, more's the pity! xxx