Saturday, 5 January 2013

Pushing The Boundaries

Hello all! Hoping you had a great Christmas and New Year. We had a lovely quiet Christmas Day, just the four of us and did nothing for New Year. In between festivities, we visited Mr R&Bs family and I indulged in a little charity shopping, where I found the two dresses pictured.
A New Year usually heralds a flurry of resolutions, but like last year, I'm simply going to have a few aims for the coming year.
One of my aims is to step out of my comfort zone more often, both sartorially and emotionally. I've never been one for short skirts, but I dared to wear this ensemble yesterday:

60s St Michael zip mini dress £4, Thames HospiceCare, Bench space leggings £2.40 eBay, boots about £15, eBay

Did the sky fall in? Did anyone tell me to dress my age? Did I feel overdressed? Emphatically no to all the above. Maybe I'll go short more often. And just to prove I can still laugh at myself:

70s? House of Lucas lurex shift dress £5, Thames HospiceCare.

How about you, any post-Christmas finds? Do share!


thorne garnet said...

You look great in both outfits. Let's hear it for leaving the comfort zone.

Helga! said...

Woohoo! Great legs,baby!
It's quite exilerating to break out of one's comfort zone occasionally!

Vintage Coconut said...

You look FANTASTIC in both of those dresses.
I think you should continue to wear them and find yourself some more.

pastcaring said...

Ooh yes, break those fantastic legs out more often, Liz! I love both dresses. Do you think the lurex one might be 1960s? Can we see a close up please?
I have bought a vintage Jaeger maxi skirt (too bargainacious at £2 to leave behind, despite my need to spend NOTHING this month!)
I need to sell sell sell, not buy buy buy!
Happy new year to you and the family! xxxx

Miss Simmonds Says said...

fab leggings! what a bargain. The dresses were a steal too and they look really great on you too! x

Krista Gassib said...

I'm loving that first dress so much the colors and length are lovely! Here's to trying new things!

Melanie said...

Good luck on stepping out of your comfort zone, that's something I am reluctant to do! I used to wear such short skirts that it makes me feel giddy even thinking about them!

grunge-queen said...

You can so do the shorter skirt - you've got great gams! Both dresses are cool, and I especially love the tights and boots. :)