Monday, 5 November 2012

When Saturday Comes

Back to the old routine of not blogging very much! Unfortunately myself and the JBs have been suffering with nasty colds for the last couple of weeks and I haven't felt much like blogging or commenting recently. JB1 and I are pretty much recovered now, but JB2 is still hanging on to his cough and is showing teething signs as well so isn't the happiest camper at the moment.
I set myself the challenge of making the majority of the boy's Christmas (sorry Vix, it's that C word!) presents this year, so that's also going to take up a fair bit of time. Lots of ideas for JB1, but JB2 is a little more difficult although he won't have a clue what's going on!

Anyway, despite having this cold, I went on my first blog meet-up the Saturday before last. I headed on up to Walsall to meet Vix, who is just as lovely in real life as her blog would suggest.

Up bright and early on the day, I still managed to only just make it to the station in time. Throwing myself onto the first train, I quickly realised it was the wrong one and I couldn't get off until the next stop which was Swindon! After heading back to Bristol and catching a later train to Birmingham (thanks to the nice conductor who let me use my ticket for that train), I eventually then made it to Walsall, only an hour and a half late! In the meantime, Vix had been ringing me, except I'd left my phone at home!

Never mind, we headed for coffee and chat, then on to Second To None, probably the best vintage shop in the country. I think if that shop was closer, I wouldn't even bother with ebay any more as the prices are so reasonable and the stock so fabulous! We tried on lots of things, but I was very good and just bought 3 things (all pointed out by Vix, she has such a great eye).

Next was lunch in the less salubrious Wetherspoons, a lovely veggie chilli and a bottle of rose between us (purely medicinal, of course).

 Hmm, I almost match the carpet here! 

 A turn around the charity shops, sadly very little to be had here, though we did have a giggle over one or two things!

Then back to Vix's for tea and a tour of the house. What a fantastic house, so many lovely things and really homely and welcoming, thanks to my fabulous hosts Vix and Jon (who very kindly made the tea).

Sadly it was time to catch my train all too soon and then I was off home (without incident, I'm glad to report).

I had been a bit nervous about meeting fellow bloggers, but I'm so glad I did! Hopefully it's the first of many.


Krista said...

So glad you got to meet the wonderfully one of a kind Vix. She is the kindest sweetest woman I know. OMG I can't believe you got on the wrong train!!!! I didn't even do that when I was visiting there :) What did Vix do for that hour and half if she couldn't even ring you? Sounds like it got off to a rough start but all worked out.

Vix said...

It was lovely to meet you, Liz. Here's to many more blogger meet-ups now you've got over your shyness! x

pastcaring said...

Walsall - and Second to None in particular - is rapidly becoming the vintage blogging centre of the UK! Vix is such a honey. Did you buy that first dress? It's fab!
Blogger meet ups are good for the soul.
Hope youngest JB feels better soon. xxx

delia hornbook said...

Sorry to hear your little ones have been poorly hope they start to feel better soon. Vix is lovely isnt she ;-) Have a good week, dee x

KatGotTheCream said...


I'm your Christmas partner for Lakota's blog swap thingy! Really nice to meet you and your blog - always good to find like-minded bloggy souls.

I'll start having a good old read of your blog to get some clues as to what you'd like in your parcel but if you want to give me any steers, please feel free!

PS You have my sympathies re colds and the littlies. We're still suffering in our house (I have 3 kids - youngest 4 mths) with hacking coughs! Get well soon.

Best wishes,

Kathryn x

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Oh dear, you sound like me - getting on the wrong train is something I've done more than once! Glad it was all ok once you got there though, that dress looks great on you.

I STILL have a cold - unless it's another in quick succession after the first one, feel horrible in the mornings but seem to recover once I've got some coffee in me!

Melanie said...

I'm sorry to hear yourself and your little ones have been poorly xxx

Misfits Vintage said...

Ooooh I can't wait to meet our fabulous Vix!!! Sarah xxx

Sacramento Amate said...

Ayyy you are here, my my gorgeous Vix. You lucky girls.

Helen Le Caplain said...

Looks like you had a fab time - that 'Black Country faggots' pic never fails to make me smile :p

joyatri said...

Hi, I see we visited Vix the same weekend. When I arrived in Walsall the first time I met her, I had her number incorrect, so didn't have a way to let her know I was at the bus station. Sounds like your experience was similar :)
Wasn't Second to None the best. I remember seeing that dress you have on in the photo. Did you buy it?
Thank you for your complment of my newsprint dress on Vix's blog.