Thursday, 22 November 2012

When I Needed Sunshine I Got Rain

 Random picture of a water lilly, taken on our honeymoon

Yesterday morning the rain came down as if someone had left the tap on 'upstairs', but by the afternoon it was brilliant sunshine. Yesterday morning I didn't even really feel like getting out of bed (I had too - toddlers are pretty effective at dragging you out), but by the afternoon everything was right with the world and I felt like I could actually get something done (the reality of having two small children is very different, but hey, the thought was there!). Today, the good old 'can't be arsed' fairy is fluttering round my head and yep. it's windy, grey and cold out there.
I've never been diagnosed with SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder),  but like many people I do get very down in the winter due to the lack of sunlight. I have thought about investing in one of those UV lights, but to be honest the ones that actually work cost a lot more than I can justify at the moment.
The house is frankly a disaster zone, with so much needing sorting, but with the fairy of can't be arsed in near-permanent residence, that's way down the list. In fact, I don't even particularly feel like doing anything I actually enjoy as something started usually ends up as something never finished!
Even this post was going to be longer, but I'm not really managing to put my finger on what I actually want to say. I'm not even sure what I am trying to say, really!
Our situation isn't great at the moment (not that we are any different from many others) and we just seem to be in limbo, unable to make any kind of move, which is what's so frustrating.

Anyway, hopefully I'll be back soon with happier things to say and share. Thank you if you've made the effort to read this x


pastcaring said...

Liz, I struggle with motivation too, and often let stuff become overwhelming by putting off dealing with it. I know this is a bad strategy, and I always feel better for DOING something, even if I don't love doing it at the time! Just getting through the day with 2 small kids at home is hard work, so try not to feel too bad.
Small steps will get you there. xxx

Vix said...

Krista swears by her light box, I know they're expensive but it's probably a darn sight cheaper than my bi-annual return flights to India!
I think you do brilliantly considering you've got two little 'uns! xxx

delia hornbook said...

im really sorry your struggling. I to get low during the winter months i struggle with the dark nights and the cold etc. We have decorated our frontroom and i have lots of pinks, purple and yellow flower fabrics in it and put white on the walls and it may sound daft but it makes me feel so much better as its a bit more light and summery in here. If i could jet off during the winter months goodness that would be heaven. Having little ones is hard to but they give you a great reason to get up and going. Don't be to hard on yourself and remember your not on your own with the way your feeling. Big hugs to you, dee xx

KatGotTheCream said...

The can't be arsed fairy is most definitely in residence at my place a lot of the time at the moment. But I do feel better when I get stuff done. It's just getting started that's the problem. Let's not beat ourselves up too much x

Misfits Vintage said...

Hope you feel better soon. Sarah xxx