Friday, 8 June 2012

Lulastic and the Charity Shop Blog Hop

Thanks to Lakota at Faith Hope and Charity Shopping, I've found a lovely new blogger - Lulastic and the Hippy Shake. Lulastic has been running a Charity Shop Blog Hop (check it out here) this week. I'm a little late to the party, but I'd love to share a taste of my local shops with you.

You may know I live in Bristol.What you won't know is that I have eleven charity shops within reasonable (normal) walking distance of where I live. As walking distance is a bit limited at the moment, I'm going to concentrate on the five shops in my high street. These are the ones I visit most often anyway.

A nice little shop, although clothing stock can be limited. Usually has an interesting selection of bric-a-brac and books. The volunteers are lovely, definitely the friendliest of the bunch and actually say thank you when you make donations. I've found the odd vintage piece in here and I've picked up a Mini Boden and a Joules top for Baby Bird for £1.25 each in the past.

This is a fairly new addition to the high street (think it was last summer it opened up). This one is quite pot-luck, some stuff is very over-priced, others very cheap and it's more in the rummaging tradition of charity shops. I haven't found much in the way of clothes for me in here - I'd say this one is best for bric-a-brac and jewellery.

St Peter's Hospice
A local hospice shop which has always had a reputation for being on the expensive side for a charity shop. It's  in the 'Mary Portas' model of shops and priced accordingly - £10 for a Next dress, anyone? I've actually found some good vintage pieces in here. I've found 3 dresses by Carnegie, Trina Lewis and Sidgreene of London for £8 each and a Scottish mohair cape for about the same price in the last year or so. They also have a pretty good selection of books and other clothes.

British Red Cross
Not always a great selection of clothes here, but fairly middle of the road pricing. Good selection of books, quite often on 'BOGOF'. Used to have a fairly good selection of children's clothes, toys and books, but they've recently had a bit of a re-fit in the shop and this seems to have been reduced quite a lot. Also has a large section of new items (my biggest pet-hate of charity shops).

Lastly, we have

Another Mary Portas-esque emporium, although a a bit more reasonable on prices and a really wide range of stock - something for everyone in here. They have a dedicated 'Vintage to Vogue' section of clothing, homeware and books. The definition of vintage is a tad stretched at times, but I've seen some pretty good things in there and not massively expensive either - recently saw a 50s Marshall and Snelgrove dress for £15, although the majority of pieces are under £10.

So there you have it, a quick round-up of my humble hunting ground. I will try and do a review of a couple of my other haunts soon.


lulastic said...

Such a fab round up - I'll go and edit the last post to sneak you in!
Lovely blog btw x

pastcaring said...

I need another trip to Bristol! xxx

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

I doubt I'll get to join you for a rummage in the very near future:(( but it's great to read your descriptions of some of your oppys - it seems the same themes run true here at my local shops - and yes I do hate the new crap (baby wipes and car wash liquid anyone?). xo

Vix said...

What a fab selection and a great read. It feels like an age since I last went charity shopping! x

custardino said...

Fab guide to your local charity shops - I visit family in Bristol a couple of times a year, so shall definitely be referring to this guide.

(I also arrived fashionably late at the Blog-Hop ball)

Redspect said...

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ankita dheeman said...

its nice