Monday, 14 May 2012

Blue Sky Thinking

I haven't felt up to blogging or much of anything for a while due to a lack of sleep and horrible weather recently. Baby Bird has also been playing up a lot as well - possibly the so-called 'terrible twos' making an appearance, but more likely the weather has been affecting him too. Fortunately, as soon as the sun decided to show it's face again towards the end of last week, things have been looking up. I've also been fruitlessly searching for old furniture to do up for BB's new bedroom, but I kept getting outbid on ebay and hadn't found anything suitable in secondhand shops. I did find some stuff last week, although it's brand new and flatpack, which I didn't really want, but at least it's bought now. Just needs a weekend to be put together and painted.

I did complete the Kids Clothing Week Challenge and I've also nearly finished a new dress for myself, along with starting knitting a new jumper for Baby Bird. I even found time for a (little) bit of housework and baking.

KCWC Day 5
 Sleeves and collar completed, just the cuffs and hem to finish.

 KCWC Day 6
The completed shirt, along with model!

Now I'm off to google birthday cake ideas (though there's only really one option), as above model is two at the end of the month!


Helga! said...

Ah,he's not quite 2!! I had quite lost a grip on Baby Bird's age!!!
(wish I could lose grip on mine,haha!)
Birthday cakes can be pretty flash these days!I'm not much of a cake eater,but sometimes watch cake decorating shows,and am amazed!Just a good old choccie cake can look so spectacular!! I think I would like a cake best if I could just do a face plant into it!!!
So glad the weather is perking up,and you along with it!SAD is serious business!

pastcaring said...

Oh dear, are you struggling to get comfortable at night? It's a killer, especially when combined with some Terrible two-ishness! It's hard when everyone is confined by bad weather; I think kids are like dogs, they need a good run out and about for their health (and your sanity!)
Great shirt you've made, and SUCH an adorable little model.
My birthday cakes are just basic chocolate with various sprinkles/buttons/Smarties on top, I can't manage the works of creative genius which some mums come up with. The kids will just have to take it up with their therapists in the future! xxxx

Vix said...

BB is absolutely gorgeous & modelling that fab top beautifully, look at his cherubic little smile, I can't believe he's ever naughty!!
Lack of sleep? Coupled with crap weather it's so draining. xxx

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Aah he's so cute, and so pleased with his clever mama! If you want a simple cake, my recommendation is a clock. Round chocolate cake, 12 chocolate buttons with numbers piped on in writing icing, and then matchmaker hands pointing to the birthday number - works for any age from 1 to 12!

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Oh indeed, just how did we miss each other? How? I'm so happy you popped over to say hello - oh there must be something in the air because I too have been fatigued beyond belief. But you got so much done and your scrumptious Baby Bird looks an utter cherub in his new shirt made by mama's loving hands:)). Snatch some sleep at every opportunity my dear, even 20 minutes can work wonders! xxx

Misfits Vintage said...

Happy Birthday Little Man!!! Your sewing is amazing, love, especially if you are sleep deprived! Big hugs, Sarah xxx