Sunday, 29 April 2012

Just a Jump To The Left

Firstly, WTF happened to blogger dashboard?! I'm pretty techno-savvy, but I was foxed there for a minute!

Hey ho, now I've recovered, how about about some witterings?

A rare appearance from yours truly in an outfit picture or three (look away now if you're of a nervous disposition).

Cardigan - online shop (can't remember price or website), Flower (Dorothy Perkins I think, about £5 3 or 4 years ago), 60s jumpsuit (ebay, 99p), earrings (Claire's Accessories sale, £1) Chair (£6.51, ebay)

Time for some silly posing! Boots (ebay £10)

I'm seriously in love with this jumpsuit - it's not specifically a maternity one, but it just seems to fit really well and it's so comfy, plus it was only 99p. Sometimes being short has it's advantages - the seller described it as best suited to someone under 5'3" (I'm 5'4" but it's perfect on me) and there were no other bids.

I had a day to myself yesterday as Mr R&B and Baby Bird went back to visit his family, so I headed down to the Redfest Flea Market in the morning and a jumble in the afternoon. The flea market was a good mix, several vintage sellers, but also some crafts, food and a lovely florist, who I chatted to for ages. The prices were really reasonable, most of the clothes were under £20. Of course I had to bring a few choice pieces home with me, which I'll share soon when they've been washed and dried.
The jumble was slightly less successful - the clothes rummaging was nigh on impossible as I'm just not in a condition to barge at the moment! Mind you, I did get a few bits from hovering, again to be shown post-washing.

Today was not very exciting, but I made a cake this afternoon, inspired by some of the treats on offer at the flea market yesterday. Just a basic (but yummy), Victoria Sponge. Just goes to show what a few strawberries and whipped cream can do! I should point out that I don't make these every day, but it was a bit of a special occasion yesterday as it was our 5th wedding annniversary.

Won't you have a slice?

Of course, now I NEED a proper cake slice and one of those fancy covered cake stands!


Helga! said...

Hello darling!!!
Nice Porn Star chair!
Happy 5th anniversary,the cake looks rather delicious!It's the strawberries that are a winner for me,as I'm not a cake girl.Funnily enough,I was watching a show on cake decorating the other day,now THAT I could get into...but someone else can keep the cake!
Fab jumpsuit,love the colours,and YOU are looking swell!XXXXXXXXXX

pastcaring said...

Haha, I was just thinking of Helga and her Porn Star chair when I read her comment!
You look lovely in your jumpsuit. Finding clothes when you're pregnant which fit, feel comfortable, arenon-restrictive but stylish and individual - well, it's tricky, but I think you've done it! Yay for the vintage jumpsuit as matenity wear, you could make your fortune!
The cake looks grand. Looking forward to seeing what you found at the flea market and jumble sale.

Katrina said...

I love that dress with the long cardi. And that cake looks too good)


Katrina said...

I love that dress with the long cardi. And that cake looks too good)


Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Holy hell you look SO gorgeous in your new jumpsuit!!!! YOU are gorgeous!!!!! What a pleasure it must have been to wander about in vintage and jumbly paradise on your own! Happy anniversary lovely, I am very impressed by your beautiful sponge and yes please to a big slice! xxx