Sunday, 26 February 2012

A Little Light Archaeology...

Long time no see!

I found myself wondering the other day why I actually keep this blog as I post so rarely, but to be fair, I've been crafting quite a bit recently and I tend to go into a bit of a blackhole with it as I don't have a lot of free time. Baby Bird has been shipped off to his grandparents for the weekend (returning later today), so Mr R&B and I have had some peace and quiet. We even managed to go out for a meal at the local Weatherspoon on Friday night - not the most glamourous of locations but I take what I can get these days!

There have been 3 jumble sales over the last couple of weekends. Last week's wasn't amazing, but I got a great haul yesterday. There were two at the same time yesterday, but I was at the first one for nearly an hour and after sifting through piles of donations, I was worn out so I came home. I wonder if rummaging counts as exercise? Lifting all those clothes and books could quite easily keep bingo wings at bay. So much cheaper and more enjoyable than the gym!

Would you like a few pictures?

Last week's finds

 Girl's psychedelic harem pants, cotton Thai print kaftan 20p each

 Wooly jumpers for felting 20p each, velvet cushion cover for fabric stash 10p

60s baby outfits, 20p each

Yesterday's jumble was much better finds wise, plenty for everyone despite a certain few people pushing into the front of the queue and trying to get in early (I'm pretty sure they're traders as I've seen then around a lot).

USA made Paige premium denim jeans, 70s Butte Knit top, 20p each

 70s 'Shapely Lady' quilted housecoat, handmade shirred dress, handmade 80s does 50s dress, 20p each

 Indian-made skirt, handmade orange linen skirt, 50s style skirt, 20p each

 70s scarf, 50s? St Michael scarf 10p each, modern suede goves 20p

 Faux fur collar for craft stash, 10p

 Foss Shoes £1. Think these are 70s, but could be earlier

My best find - more of my beloved Poole Pottery Twintone! 3 side-plates and 3 large teacups, 50p the lot!

I started collecting decorative Poole several years ago, but after finding 5 Twintone plates in a charity shop about four years ago, that's become the focus of my search. The cups in the Ice Green and Seagull (a mottled light grey) colourway and the side plates are the rarer Ice Green and Mushroom colour (which matches what I already have). Sadly they're a little scratched, but for less than 10p each, I can't really complain. I'd love to complete the collection one day, I just have to keep looking.

Hope you're all having nice weekends!


Jem said...

It has been a while! Hope you're keeping well :-) Still enjoying my lovely pressies and swap parcel from Christmas! Especially the tea plate which has become my crumpet plate of choice :-)

That Thai-print kaftan is brilliant!

Jem xXx

pastcaring said...

Great jumble finds! Will be posting about how ours went later.
Hope you've enjoyed your Baby Bird-free weekend, nothing wrong with Wetherspoons! xxx

Vix said...

Nice to see you back, my dear!
Love that kaftan, it's gorgeous. That baby wear is so cute, too.
Hope you've had a lovely time together as a couple. Have you tried the superfood salad in Wetherspoons? It's the best thing I've ever eaten in there and I'm always happy with their veggie food.

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Hello! Great jumble finds, I especially like the shoes and that lovely Poole crockery, gorgeous colour. I wouldn't say no to a pub lunch without the kids either!

***Faith Hope and Charity Shopping first blogiversary giveaway open now***

Helga! said...

Hey,you just do what you can do!
I'm drooling over those shoes,I reckon they're 60's,myself!
I knew Jem would like that kaftan,it's right up her alley,and I love it too!
Hurrah for jumbles,and BUGGER the damn traders!
take care,and stay warm!Spring is about to spring for you!