Saturday, 29 October 2011

Vix's £5 Outfit Challenge

On Tuesday, the divine Vix challenged fellow bloggers to come up with an outfit for £5. Whilst I can't hold a candle to Vix's full winter look for £4.73 (the woman is a goddess of thrifty glamour), here's my basic attempt. The sequin top is 60s and handmade £1.24, the 70s Renjoy skirt was 99p and the 70s Clarks shoes were £3.20, all from ebay. The jewellery is all presents from Vix, so free! A grand total of £5.43, but no coat, tights or bag. Oh well, a girl can try!

I haven't forgotten to share last week's jumble finds (and I did snag a couple of corkers), I just haven't had much time this week. I will try and do a post on Monday. Bet you can't wait (not)!

Friday, 21 October 2011

Rocking Out!

Guess what I found in a charity shop the other day. Jesus? Richard Armitage (if only)? No, a genuine Dollyrockers by Sambo dress in my size for £7! I nearly had heart failure on the spot - this is probably my best charity find yet. I have to admit, I didn't try it in the shop and it was a little (ahem) snug under the bosoms when I tried it at home. However, closer inspection revealed that it had at some point (joy of joys) been taken in, so I got to work with the scissors and hey-presto, a perfect fit! Oh, and I haven't got a bun in the oven - it's the way I'm standing!

Scarf - bought in a gallery in Port Isaac in Cornwall, earrings £2 (Salvation Army shop), Dollyrockers dress £7 (local hospice shop), big black ring 50p (car boot sale), grey ring (gift from Vix), velvet lace-up boots £4.99 (PDSA shop).

Off to a jumble sale tomorrow, perhaps I'll find an Ossie Clark or a Biba original? A girl can dream!

Have lovely weekends, whatever you're doing x

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

A-Z of me.

I must be one of the last to do the A-Z of me, but here's my answers if you're interested.

A - Age.
30. According to Wikipedia, if I was a piece of clothing I could now ‘officially’ be vintage. I like being 30 – I feel like I can finally be myself and sod what anyone else thinks!

B - Bed Size
Double. I’d like a bigger one but it won’t fit in our bedroom.

C - Chore you hate.
All of them, although clothes washing isn’t too bad.

D - Dogs.
Dogs themselves aren’t the problem, it’s stupid dog-owners I can’t stand. Actually, with a lot of ‘problem’ pets it’s stupid people who cause most of the problems. Don’t get me started on that one!

E - Essential start to your day
A cuddle with Baby Bird and tea!

F - Favourite colour.
That’s a tough one – I love colours and there’s a different for every mood. If I had to choose, I suppose green or blue as I have a lot of those in my wardrobe and house.

G - Gold or silver.
Silver. It’s much more mysterious (and cheaper!). The only gold jewellery I have is my engagement and wedding rings.

H - Height.

I - Instruments you play.
I played the flute (badly) at school and can pick out a few tunes on a keyboard. I’d really like to go back to the flute, but I have too much else on my plate at the moment.

J - Job.
Full-time Mummy, no-time house slave, wannabe vintage clothes seller.

K - Kids.
Just the one little boy, but hopefully another one day.

L - Live.
In Bristol, in a semi built in 1938.

M - Mothers name

N - Nicknames.
I used to get called some pretty horrible things at school, but I’ve blanked them all out now. Now it’s usually just ‘Mummy’ (from the husband as well).

O - Overnight hospital stays
3 nights, all when Baby Bird was born. He was meant to be born at home, but he was taking his time so the midwife decided we needed to go into hospital and it’s routine to be kept overnight with a first baby. We had to go back in a couple of days later as he wasn’t feeding properly and his weight dropped more than it should have. It all got sorted out in the end though.

P - Pet peeves.
Where to start!

Q - Quote from a film

My second favourite film – Labyrinth.
Jareth: You remind me of the babe.
: What babe?
: The babe with the power.
: What power?
: The power of voodoo.
: Who do?
: You do.
: Do what?
: Remind me of the babe.


R - Right or left handed.
Left handed.

S – Siblings
One brother, eight years younger than me.

T - Time you wake up
Around 7 if I’m not working. Usually woken up by baby bird babbling and then he’s brought in for a cuddle. Work mornings it’s 4am!

U - Underwear.

V - Vegetable you hate.
Asparagus – might as well eat sticks!

W - What makes you run late
Everything – I’m very disorganised. If I’m on time, I’ve usually forgotten something.

X - X-rays you've had.
Just teeth, no interesting ones.

Y - Yummy food that you make.
I’ve had compliments about my cakes, so they must be pretty good.

Z - Zoo animal
Can’t really choose, I like most animals.