Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Finally Facing My Waterloo

Spring-cleaning and de-cluttering seems to be turning into something of a life makeover!
I feel somewhat clearer about decisions for the future and what direction to take. I've even decided to try and knuckle down with the housework!
I used to be quite into Feng Shui and similar philosophies, although I moved away from these interests once I started working and having less time. I also feel like I lost a lot of myself in the process of getting married and being a wife and mother, and it seems like only very recently that I'm re-discovering me. I don't know if that's a result of stirring up energies or having an early mid-life crisis as I turn 30 in a couple of weeks!

Anyway, once the house is fully sorted out, it'll free up time for my Etsy shop and hopefully more crafts. I'm pleased to report that I spent a happy half-hour on Thursday night diving into a large box of old clothes - new stock for the shop (although I'm keeping a few pieces for myself). These will be sorted, washed and photographed in all their glory over the next few weeks. I'm also debating whether to take a stall at Shepton Flea market in October. It's £40 for a table plus petrol, but it could be just the springboard I need.

What do you guys think?

Monday, 8 August 2011

Running Up That Hill


I realise yet again that I've been very quiet blogwise, but I'm finally conquering the mountain that is de-cluttering and spring (ha!) cleaning.
I say de-cluttering, but I what I really mean is finding new ways to hide store it all! To be fair, I have been getting rid of things I really don't need anymore, but I'm afraid I get attached to things and there's always the 'what if I need it?' question. I can't even use growing up in times of shortages as an excuse. I'm trying to limit the things I buy at the moment, so that I can sort out what I really want to keep.

Baby Bird is thoroughly enjoying his days with the childminder - he babbles away on the way home, telling me about his day, then when he goes to bed later on, I can hear him repeating it all to his toys after I've said night-night to him, so cute!

Hope you all have good weeks x