Monday, 14 November 2011

Ground Control to Major Tom - and a giveaway heads-up!

There I was thinking finishing work would give me a bit more time, but the last couple of weeks have been really busy with my mum visiting, trying to get reaquainted with Etsy and researching cake decorations. Apologies if I usually comment on your blog but haven't done recently, I have been reading but just haven't had time to comment!

Anyway, these are the pick of the jumble finds from the other week.

70s housecoat but it's really warm and will make a great dress with the right styling. From the 'expensive' £1 rail.

 60s black and silver brocade maxi dress. A tad snug, but it's a keeper. Also from the £1 rail.

Mad 70s chinese dragon print kaftan, 30p.

Wish I could have got better photos but it's so dull here at the moment!

I spotted that I'd reached 103 followers recently (wow, 103 people actually want to read my witterings?!), so I'm going to have a little giveaway this week. I'll post details in a couple of days.


delia hornbook said...

Love the 60's maxi that is gorgeous ;-)) Lovely buys. dee x

Helga! said...

Crikey! That 1 quid rail has seen you right!Will be keen to see these beauties on!
Funny how the less you have to do,the MORE you have to do!!!Crazy!XXX

Vix said...

Bargain-tastic! That dressing gown is freaking fabulous. I'd sew fake fur to the collar and cuffs and wear it over hotpants! x

Jem said...

That kaftan is totally nuts but I really, really like it and what an AMAZING bargain too! Nice find

Jem xXx