Thursday, 30 June 2011

Buried Treasure

Having managed to make it to a boot sale and a jumble sale over the last couple of weeks, I have a few things to share with you. First up, the boot sale, which was about as busy as when I was visiting back in the winter. Another, more well-known bootie has started it's season, so I suppose the sellers had gone there instead.

Butterfly pot 50p, floral dishes 20p each. This table was run by a couple who I'd guess were around my parent's age and I spotted so many things that I remember from my childhood. In fact one buyer actually said 'this stall is my childhood' and she was just a couple of years younger than me.

 Wooden bangle £1, ring 30p

 Wooden bead necklace 50p

Last saturday I actually went to a jumble again. They seem to go in fits and starts around here - there's none for ages, then you get 3 or 4 the same day. I only went to the afternoon one in the end as I just didn't feel like going to the others after my usual early start at work.

60s 'Justine' crimplene mini sundress, Per Una cotton cardi and 70s housecoat/overall 20p each.

Modern silver brocade hotpants, 80s LARGE pedal pushers, 
70s? St Michael pleated skirt, also 20p each

 Crochet beret, 70s/80s crinkly striped scarf, 70s Pippa Dee scarf 20p each, belt 10p. 
I did some googling and found out that Pippa Dee was the clothing 
equivalent of Tupperware back in the 70s.

 Patent bag and leatherette briefcase, 25p each. The briefcase is a bit tatty, but should look better with some tlc. It had a piece of chalk in the bottom - I wonder if it belonged to a teacher once upon a time?

The yellow sundress from the first picture is my best jumble find yet. Sadly I haven't got a hope of fitting into it, so it's for sale as are all the clothes. If you're interested in any of the items, please get in touch via my email (on my profile page).

Have fun, whatever you're doing today x


A Thrifty Mrs said...

SUCH good finds. Love it all actually. I'm jealous.

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Excellent finds. Haven't been to a jumble in aaages, boo hoo!

Vix said...

Yay for bargains! ust back from the boot sale and about to set off for the jumble sale (no VIP passes today, it's a different church group running it.)
Love the crimplene dress, it's gorgeous, I'd be delighted if I'd snaffled that beauty. The ring, bangle, satchel and beads are all gorgeous, too. xxx

Frocktasia said...

Great haul :)
I had a Pippa Dee slip dress that I sold on eBay ages ago.
Take care luv,

Pomona said...

I remember having a Pippa Dee nightie when I was small! Lots of great finds there.

Pomona x

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Great stuff - I'm so jealous they just don't seem to hold jumbles round here!

Madison said...

Floral dishes for 20p each?! Bargain. I am v.v. envious.

Misfits Vintage said...

Ooh that yellow mod mini is GORGEOUS! The ring is pretty fab too - I hope you're keeping it.

Sarah xxx

La Dama said...

Oh i love a jumble , love the 60's mini dress and st. Michael pleated skirt. Im sure it will look fab on you amor.
Thanks for stopping by.

lulubelle said...

Wooow why can I never find treasures like this?! Although I did get a rather lovely owl teapot for a quid at the weekend : )