Sunday, 22 May 2011

Here, There and Everywhere - Part 2

Mainly pictures for the main part of our week in the Peaks. I'm having a bit of a challenging time with Baby Bird at the moment, so I don't have a lot of energy!

We stayed in a cottage outside Buxton, which was not the nicest we've ever had - damp bathroom and spiders, plus BB didn't like the room he was in, meaning he ended up sharing our bed on a couple of nights.

I had a bit of a difficult time getting there too (seems to be a theme starting)! Everything was fine until the final leg of the journey. Long story, but after the driver asked some football fans to stop singing as it was disturbing other passengers and they gave her a bit of lip, she decided to stop the train and call the transport police to remove them. As the fans weren't strictly speaking doing anything wrong, the police couldn't do anything and the driver refused to take the train any further and it was cancelled, so we all got kicked off and had to wait for the next train. I did eventually get to the station an hour later than planned!

Anyway, here's a few photos of the holiday.

 Chatsworth House - I took loads of photos here, 
which I'm going to put in a separate post

 Bakewell again

Owl at The Chestnut Centre - a wildlife sanctuary
 Otters at The Chestnut Centre

 More otters!

 Ilam Park - the estate is open to the public, 
but the house is a youth hostel run by The National Trust

 The river at Ilam Park


 Dovedale again, through the car window

Leek - has the usual high street shops, but also 
some more interesting places to investigate.


Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Quite a few people were in Derbyshire recently - including me! We were just outside Matlock and went to Buxton for lunch one day.

Thanks for sharing your pics. Dovedale is lovely.

Vintage Vixen said...

Oh dear, that woman certainly went a bit ott! Gorgeous pictures, we used to be dragged to Dovedale when we were younger to go rambling, I do love the area now though. xxx

delia hornbook said...

Sorry to hear about your nightmare train journey. But looks like you had a lovely time judging by the photo's. Have a lovely week, dee x