Sunday, 17 April 2011

Why I (Don't) Blog

I sometimes wonder why I have a blog as I don't post very often. I would like to post more - I often see things that inspire me and I think would make great posts, but for some reason I find it difficult to actually put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard in this digital age). I don't know if this is due to a kind of 'creative dyslexia', or just my natural laziness.
Anyway, I have a few not-great things happening at the moment, which aren't encouraging blogging or frankly any other endeavours. Although none of them are on a par with the awful events going on in the wider world, they are significant to me. I seem to do a lot of posts along these lines, so apologies for my general blogging laziness and many thanks if you're still following me as I genuinely love hearing from other folks x

1 comment:

Helga! said...

Sweetie,it can be challenging to come up with ideas and things to poist about! I guess you just gotta do it when you feel it!No pressure!!!
And if things are a bit wobbly,whatever is goping on in the world doesn't make them any less relevant-it might put them in perspective only,which hopefully helps!