Sunday, 6 February 2011

Rumble In The Jumble

Most Fridays we receive the local free paper through our door - mostly just adverts for local businesses, cars, property yada, yada etc etc (good for lining the Guinea Pig cage, but not a lot else). However, for those in the know, there is a special, glorious half page know as 'What's On' - not Sherlock's friend (boom, boom) but the community events listings. If you look hard enough among the tea dances, toddler groups and whist drives, you'll often find that magic phrase 'JUMBLE SALE'! This week's paper turned up two of the beauties.

So off I trotted on Saturday morning - late of course, as Baby Bird was joining me in his occasional role as Chief Granny Distractor. I'm not naturally a very punctual person anyway, but it seems to take even longer with a baby! I had imagined a queue around the block, but there were more volunteers than customers, so I was able to browse in relative peace.

We were even later for the afternoon jumble (sleepy baby this time), and I initially thought there was nothing to be had as the textile table looked very bare. A little bit of rummaging on the book table turned up a vintage Ladybird book for 10p and then I was on a roll at the bric a brac stall.

I've shared some of the finds below, but the camera battery ran out, so I'll post the rest tomorrow.

Embroidered tablecloths, 60s towelling fabric, 50s? abstract remnant, all 10p each, morning sale.

Embroidery transfers, 10p for the lot, morning sale. The two at the top are from 'Woman' magazine with instructions on how to claim the transfer. A far cry from today's women's magazines!

Vintage Ladybird book, 10p, afternoon sale.

Clock, 20p, afternoon sale. Wierdly, I decided on Friday that I needed a kitchen clock and then I saw this one at the jumble.

Jewellery box, £3, afternoon sale. Will make a nice home for the jewellery lovely Vix sent me on Thursday (more on that tomorrow).

Picture, 50p, afternoon sale.

And finally-

Jumble Sale Massacre

The greatest number of old ladies to perish whilst fighting at a jumble sale is 98, at a Methodist Church Hall in Castleford, West Yorkshire on February 12th 1991. When the doors opened at 10.00am, the initial scramble to get in cost 16 lives, a further 25 being killed in a crush at the first table. A seven-way skirmish then broke out over a pinafore dress costing 10p which escalated into a full scale melee resulting in another 18 lives being lost. A pitched battle over a headscarf then ensued and quickly spread throughout the hall, claiming 39 old women. The jumble sale raised £5.28 for local boy scouts.

(Taken from

You weren't anywhere near there, were you, Vix?!


Calamity Jem said...

I love your embroidered tablecloths, beautiful & so tremendously bargainous too!

cupcakejojo said...

I've been thinking for a while that it's been ages since I saw an advert for Jumble Sale! I thought maybe they had died out with the arrival of eBay but your post shows otherwise! Yay! What fab finds you had! I'd love to go to one again one day :)

Jo x

Vintage Vixen said...

Hurrah for the thrill of the jumble. The linen looks lovely but you made me feel positively ancient when you refered to one of my favourite childhood books as vintage....arghhhh!!!
I've never yet maimed a granny at a jumble but if she was carrying an Ossie Clarke dress over her arm who knows? xxx

Country Cottage Chic said...

Great buys! I hope we have more than a handful of visitors at our Vintage Jumble Sale next month!


A Certain Vintage said...

this jewellery box looks sooo like one my granny used to have, love it xox

BusyLizzie said...

I am sooo jealous that you made it ot a jumble sale! Nice finds!!! Have you heard about the one at Rangeworhty next month???? xx