Friday, 25 February 2011


A quiet night in for us tonight - homemade pizzas, Fawlty Towers box set and a cup of tea. Wow, it's all rock n roll here!

70s zip up dress (£3.19, ebay), velvet hat (£1.99, ebay), belt (£1, charity shop), boots (about £20, ebay), silver metal ring (30p, jumble sale), ring with stone (about £1, joblot from ebay), flower ring (£3, Athene Noctua on Folksy), earrings (won in Vix's giveaway)

I don't think Mr R&B is too sure about my new look - he just said 'it's bad luck to wear hats indoors' this evening. I love hats, but I end up with a bit of an Ena Sharples look if I'm not careful!


Ham for Mr R&B, peppers for me. I even cut the ham and put it on the pizza myself (the horror!!!!)

Two jumble sale visits planned for tomorrow and possibly a car boot on Sunday, along with Baby Bird attending a birthday party. Honestly, he has a better social life than me! At some point I must also tidy up our bedroom and list some things on ebay.

Have a great weekend, whaever you're doing!


wardrobeexperience said...

awesome dress. love it.

found your nice blog via vintage vixen...

Vintage Vixen said...

Fabulous outfit and I love the hat. I'm sure it's bad manners rather than luck when you wear a hat indoors, not that it bothers me (or Ena Sharples).
Good luck at the jumbles, I'm all jumbled out so I'm giving them a miss today. xxx

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

You look bloody gorgeous in that outfit!!

Helga! said...

Ha,I was in BED at 8:30 pm ish on friday night!!!
Hatswear 'em when and where you like,I reckon!! I love thoutfit,very slinky!!

Rebecca said...

Thank you for the mention of my ring, I am super pleased it made it to your wonderful blog! x

Rachel (RooPaprika) said...

There is not a chance of you looking like Ena. That dress is magnificent.

Your pizzas made me smile - it's the same in our house!