Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Sometimes I Actually Make Things

I'm afraid life has rather got in the way of blogging recently, plus I haven't done much that warrants posting. As this time of year is when everything starts gearing up again with the allotment, we've been spending a lot of time sowing seeds and potting on for this year's crops.

As you may remember, I announced that we're expecting baby R&B in May and I'm happy to say that all is well and I continue to grow bigger and bigger!

As the title says from time to time, I do actually make things, rather than just talk about them!

Firstly, this is a cardigan I knitted for the baby. I thought baby things were easy, but I ended up unraveling this one several times as I kept losing count of rows and stitches completed! A word of warning if you try a Stylecraft pattern (as this one is) - check your tension meticulously. The yarn I used is meant to knit to 22 stitches over 10cms, but with the specified needles, it was more like 27 stitches. Also, I found it came out bigger than the size I chose to knit. So, the moral of this story is - preparation is key!

Next, I'd like to show you a little pair of shoes I created from a book I had for Christmas - Emma Hardy's Making Clothes for Children. These are probably one of the fiddliest things I've ever made. I ended up doing quite a bit of the stitching by hand and I'm not all that happy with the linings, but they're ok for the first attempt and I'm sure the baby won't notice!

Lastly, I actually made something for myself!

This is a maternity top from a Burda pattern in a cotton print by Rose & Hubble that I bought from Croft Mill (one of my favourite fabric places). To finish it off, I trimmed the sleeves with some vintage cotton lace from my collection.

Next on the list are the nursery curtains when I find some fabric in the right colour and one day I'll also finish the patchwork quilt that I mentioned in a previous post.

On another tack, I'm planning a book giveaway when I reach 50 followers, so don't forget to let your friends know!