Tuesday, 16 November 2010



Today I am tired, bone tired. We've had a few weeks of unsettled nights with Baby Bird, firstly with his teeth (he cut his first one on Bonfire Night, bless), then he decided he likes sleeping across the width of his cot, thus knocking his little bonce on the rails and waking himself (and us) up. However the last two nights have been the nights from hell as he has been waking all night, then last night decided he wasn't going back to sleep until I fed him, which I only worked out at about 2am this morning. Hey ho, the joys of parenthood!

As such, I will be morphing into slob mode shortly, curling up with Kirstie, visiting the 30s high street and (hopefully) going to bed for some much needed sleep.

There may be a craft post tomorrow if I return to the land of the not-so-knackered.


Vintage Vixen said...

A new tooth? How exciting, he's growing so quickly, bless him. Hopefully Kirstie's better this week, loved the first episode but wasn't keen on the candle making and gold leaf stuff. Early night for you, my dear. xxx


Oh my gosh!I remember those 'baby' days - and nights although its many years ago now. You just can't imagine how tired a body can be untill you have children - literally feel like death warmed up!
Take care of yourself.

Vicky x

BusyLizzie said...

Hope you got a good nights sleep. Oh how I remember those sleepless nights and the extreme tiredness the next day... it will pass, promise! Lizzie x

Florence and Mary said...

There is nothing worse than feeling tired! I must confess I was late home from work last night and in bed by 9pm which is unheard of for me!

Victoria xx