Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Echoes Of Summer

You might think this is a photo from earlier in the year, but in fact it was taken just a few minutes ago. These are a few late roses and a foxglove - the bushes have had a second flush of blooms after the lovely weather earlier in the month. The roses are 'Golden Celebration', the yellow one and 'Double Delight', the pink and pale yellow. No idea on the variety of foxglove other than it's a white one that popped up in the garden! I wish I could share the scent of the roses with you, they smell gorgeous.

Sadly it looks as though Autumn has now arrived - the trees are starting to turn and I had to dig out my winter jacket, one of the few vintage things I own that (just) fits me at the moment. Still, the arrival of Autumn hopefully means some cosy evenings with knitting needles and something good on the TV. Failing that, a spot of Christmas shopping online!


Vintage Vixen said...

Glorious blooms! Oh to have summer back again. It's definately a bit nippier these mornings and the fake fur jacket and tights will be making a daily apperance before too long. xxx

magpie chic said...

Hello, I'm your mag swap partner. Thanks for leaving me a comment. Can't find your email address, but mine is wagstaff1@orcon.net.nz
Any preferences for the season you would like me to send? Can send you a Christmas NZ House and Garden if you like, from 2009.
I do envy you girls your Christmas in the middle of winter. A spot of Christmas shopping must really be good for the winter blues.Looking forward to hearing from you.