Friday, 28 May 2010

Good Enough To Eat Swap

I was partnered with Victoria over at Florence and Mary for Claire's Good Enough To Eat Swap. I received my lovely parcel today (thanks very much, Victoria!), and I though I'd share the goodies with you!

These were the items we had to include:

A handmade item that looks or smells good enough to eat.

An item that is Green~Fair trade.

A Delicious cake recipe.

A couple of items which you would consider look good enough to eat!

Strawberry sponge

Handmade cupcake


The chocolate didn't last long!

Pretty journals - might put some recipes in these!


Looking forward to trying the brownie recipie - hopefully they'll turn out as they should: I can never get brownies right!

Friday, 14 May 2010

Never Forget

I'm sorry that my first post in six weeks is a sad one, but I couldn't bring myself to post about other things without first doing some sort of tribute to Bridie, one of my beloved guinea pigs, who sadly had to be put to sleep on 1st May, aged 5.

She'd had a lump on her cheek for a couple of weeks that wasn't going away, so I took her to the vet. To cut a long story short, the lump turned out to be a nasty abscess - possibly an osteomyelitis, which is a bone infection that can't often be cured. The lump was investigated under a general anaesthetic, and Bridie was sent home with lots of antibiotics. I took her back to the vet a few days later and asked them to try a different antibiotic, but by the following Friday, it was clear the drugs weren't working and she was steadily losing weight. On the Saturday morning, Bridie had completely lost interest in food, so I made the heart-breaking decision that she should be put to sleep before she became really ill. I was able to hold her as she slipped away.

It's probably the hardest decision any pet owner has to make, but at least the option is there to relieve any suffering your animal may be going through.

Bridie indulging in her second favourite 'activity' of sleeping - eating being the first

Hiding in a roll-a-nest
From the time I brought her home from the pet shop with her friend Saba, Bridie was always a big personality. She was never shy about telling you if she didn't want to be caught and did go through a stage of nipping during her 'teenage' months. She also learnt how to tell you when she wanted to go back to her house. Her favourite activity was eating and there were many tugs of war over carrots and celery between her and Saba. In her last 18 months or so, she mellowed a lot and became a real lap-piggy, happy to spend ages snuggled into the crook of your arm and falling asleep on one or other of us on several occasions.

Good night, my friend x