Thursday, 6 August 2009

Just a quick one (oo-er missus)!

I haven't given up blogging completely - I just haven't felt much like posting recently.
Although we had a lovely holiday in Yorkshire last month, life hasn't been terribly good to us recently - neither the crafting or Partylite is bringing in any money (both seem to just be costing money instead). I've had virtually no work since May, so no money coming coming in but still with bills to pay. However, I now have some work again, so that will at least ease some of the money worries for now.
There are many, many things that I need to say, the kind of things you only really share in heart-to-heart talks with your closest friend, but an open blog isn't the best place to air these thoughts.
When you don't have anyone but yourself to talk to, it's very easy to end up being overwhelmed with the negative thoughts and feelings that build-up.
One day I will beat this wretched gremlin that moves in whenever I feel down x


A Bun Can Dance said...

Hello there!
Sorry to hear things have been tricky recently, I hope that you will soon see some blue skies amidst the clouds. Do take care and be gentle on yourself. And let me know if you'd like tea, cake and chat sometime - I'm a great listener and I'm pretty good at helping find some light in the darkness.
Hoping you have a peaceful weekend
Denise x

Shabby Chick said...


So sorry to hear you're having a tough time, I hope things get better soon for you. Have missed reading your posts.

Hugs, Mel xxx

Elaine said...

Hope things pick up for you soon, the work is a good start, lets hope it's the turning point.

Love and blessings

MelMel said...

Hope things pick up soon...dreadful to feel that way isn't it, I'm having very sad low days, mainly because my Brother died.....really knocked me for six....I'm hoping to move pass feeling like this soon, with some help....

We all need that sometimes....:>)


Country Cottage Chic said...

I'm sorry to read that you aren't have a good time at the moment - hope things pick up for you soon.
Beat that gremlin with a big stick! (Oooh I am vicious!)


Lajoni said...

Awww hun I hate to think of you so can always share with us on SCC or if thats too open for you there is always email and pm....never feel alone...we all get down, beat up on our selves and need that support from family and friends, even those you have never met care about you mean the world to us hun to us xxxxx