Thursday, 25 June 2009

Back Again..

I'm afraid I've been a little quiet this month, but I have had rather a lot going on outside of the computer. I've taken up my knitting needles again to finish a couple of projects, which I'll show you another time. I've been trying to get my Partylite business going, which has involved a fair bit of designing posters and going to events to start promoting. I'm also going to have to get back into sewing mode as I've decided to do a bit of a re-design for my Rose & Bird items. I have a lady next Saturday to have a look at my stuff and possibly offer me some dates for a stall at her fair. I want to up my game for that! On top of all that, I've been trying to keep the house in some sort of order, but it's much more tempting just to do another couple of rows!
The garden and allotment have also gone mad with all this sunshine and rain. We've had loads of strawberries, the black and redcurrants are laden even with the birds taking their share, and we have apples and plums growing as we speak. At the allotment, our lettuces have doubled in size almost overnight, the early potatoes are almost ready, and the french beans have nearly outgrown their canes!
Unfortunately, we have a naughty fox who likes to dig and tip over the containers in the garden. I'm thinking of putting chilli powder down to discourage him, but if anyone can suggest some other humane fox detterants, please let me know.

Would love to hear how all your gardens are doing.


Lalabi-baby said...

It's a right old juggle isn't it ... choice between dusting/ironing or sewing/knitting .... no competition is there ;-)

Lovely to see the garden growing at this time of year .... I've had a good goosegog crop, the redcurrants are just ripening and should have rakes of blackberries later on as the bushes have gone mad. Chickens have eaten me beetroot! Slugs have eaten my sunflowers, chrysanths and hostas so am now feeding them to the chickens!

A Bun Can Dance said...

Hello there!
You sound extremely busy and it sounds as though you barely have a spare moment. Good luck with the craft fairs!
Thanks for your message. Unfortunately it is 17th July that I've provisionally booked. There have been a few "yes's" so far. Sorry to hear you'll be on holiday then - maybe we could have another tea gathering another time? It would be lovely to do so!
Have a great weekend.
Denise x

Sarah said...

Thanks for your lovely comment. I'm not surprised you haven't made a quilt from the book yet! It sounds like your plate is full enough as it is. It's always nice to have these books to look at though isn't it?

Country Cottage Chic said...

You do sound busy! Good luck with all your fairs!


Elaine said...

I hope these fairs are more suited to you, and you sell lots and lots of your goodies.
Love the look of your strawberries too, I'll be round in a week *wink*

Love and blessings

Lajoni said...

Yes Good liuck Liz you really deserve it with all the work you put in and I do hope your Partylife kicks off xx

MelMel said...

Hope the party planner company takes off, what a super idea!

Thank you for taking the time to pop by....:>)

Redwoodhouse said...

Ohh it is nice to be able to visit blogs again, you sound very busy and your garden sounds very productive we are leaving ours when we could be picking broad beans, beetroot, baby carrots, strawberries, spring onions and corgettes but they will not waste our neighbour is staying here while we are away so she will have a feast.

MelMel said...

It is a small world....I went into both of those shops, the wellies came from the fishing/walking shop near to Home sweet funny...lovely area, did you do much walking?
Some amazing places...we had such a great time, white scar caves was fab!
Really enjoyed my week there!

We want to go back, next time we are going to stay in the Old Chapel...that was another choice on the list, its also in Bainbridge....

Glad you had fun!
Who knows maybe we passed each other!!

Shabby Chick said...

Just popped by to say hello, I hope all your new ventures are going really well :)

Mel xxx