Saturday, 7 February 2009

Shop Local(ish)


Having done our weeks' shopping in the local high street today, I though I would share with you a few other small shops I can thoroughly recommend.

The first is Beyond France Vintage Linens, so-called because they source their products from around Europe, particularly Hungary and Romania. Excellent products, a good range of prices and fantastic service. Top tip for crafters - check out the clearance linens section for damaged items that can be remade into your own treasures.

The next is Palatial Lace Interiors, who can be found on ebay. They mainly sell lace curtains, but also often have a selection of vintage fabric remnants and larger pieces. Again, great products and fantastic service.

My final tip for this post is A H Naylor Textiles, again on ebay. They sell a range of new interior fabrics, particularly Globaltex and Prestigious textiles. Excellent prices and brilliant service too!


BusyLizzie said...

Hi Liz
Does Beyond France have an actual shop - or are they just on line?
Lizzie x

Rose&Bird said...

I'm not sure Lizzie - the contact details are in Cirencester, so it may be worth contacting them.

Shabby Chick said...

Hi, thanks for posting up those links, will have a good look later. I buy so much stuff from ebay, I'm not precious about having brand new (what blogger is?!).

Mel xxx

Hens Teeth said...

Thank you for those links, they are really interesting and good to know about.
Thank you for comment left too.