Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Letter From (or to?) America (and Canada, Australia and Europe too)

Just a quick note to let all my overseas readers know that I'm now offering shipping from my store Rose&Bird to Europe, USA, Canada and Australia. (Don't forget to contact me for a shipping quote before placing you order).

I really hope you'll enjoy browsing my products for sale. I have lots of exciting new handmade goodies coming over the next few weeks (just as soon as I get that machine fixed).

I'll also be on the road during the Spring, so if you're visiting any of the fairs I'm attending (alerts nearer the time), do drop by and say hello!

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Technical Errors

I sat down at my sewing machine today to try and bring you some fantastic handmade creations, only to find that it's been in touch with it's union and is now on strike! It appears to be demanding healthcare benefits as it's not been serviced since I bought it about 9 years ago. Who knew domestic appliances were unionised?

In actual fact, it appears to be a tensioning issue that I can't resolve. Despite a phonecall to my technical advisor (my Mum, in Bournemouth), the issue appears to be terminal and it will have to go to the machine hospital down the road. Annoyingly, my other machine is also playing up, despite being serviced just after I received it from Freecycle last summer. Sadly, I'll have to pull out of the Feb flea market as I don't have the money to fix them or the time to make enough things before the day.

In better news, we're about to take on an allotment. While for many people the waiting list is as long as your arm, we were only on the list for about a month before we were invited to have look at the site last Saturday. We're just waiting for our tenancy agreement to come through so we can get a key. We've had no post since Wednesday due to the Royal Mail cancelling deliveries here because of the snow.

A frustrating time all round!

Saturday, 7 February 2009

Shop Local(ish)


Having done our weeks' shopping in the local high street today, I though I would share with you a few other small shops I can thoroughly recommend.

The first is Beyond France Vintage Linens, so-called because they source their products from around Europe, particularly Hungary and Romania. Excellent products, a good range of prices and fantastic service. Top tip for crafters - check out the clearance linens section for damaged items that can be remade into your own treasures.

The next is Palatial Lace Interiors, who can be found on ebay. They mainly sell lace curtains, but also often have a selection of vintage fabric remnants and larger pieces. Again, great products and fantastic service.

My final tip for this post is A H Naylor Textiles, again on ebay. They sell a range of new interior fabrics, particularly Globaltex and Prestigious textiles. Excellent prices and brilliant service too!