Monday, 19 January 2009

All Systems Go

Many apologies for the previous post - I'm afraid that was not a good day for me. I know everyone has their bad times and I really shouldn't moan - there are so many people so much worse off than I am. In some ways, I'm almost thankful that the only things I was worrying about was how to get people buying non-essential items from me as well as someone else.

I've now decided to take the plunge and have a stall at the Shepton Mallett Flea Market - somewhat scary, but I'm sure I can cope - I've survived a few car boot sales in my time and at least this is inside! I'm also going to sign up for craft fairs to be held in Bath, Marlborough and Devizes throughout the year - so watch this space!

This is a selection of the things I'll be taking with me, which are also available currently on my website:

PS - I have one favour to ask of you folks - if you regularly read my blog, please would you consider clicking the 'Follow this Blog' option - it's about half-way down the page, above the list of blogs I follow. Many thanks x


Raspberry Grace said...

Rose, I've been drooling over your lovely eiderdown for weeks now ... I keep coming back and forward to your shop to look at it :)

If OH wasn't out of work and things so uncertain, and I did not feel so guilty, I would very happily buy it from you as it's just adorable, and the perfect colour for me.

Don't give up hope, things WILL work out.

Love, Rasp xx

LittleGem said...

Hiya Liz,
I am now following you! But thought it might be better if you move the "follow me" thingy up the page as I often can't find it on blogs when it is quite far down. Just a thought. Your swap is all packaged up and ready to go, will try to post it tomorrow or wednesday xx

MaryPoppins said...

Good for you, we all have our moments you know, myself I certainly have my fair share. :)

I am sure you shall sell all your lovely goodies, love your eiderdown, gorgeous :)


Rose&Bird said...

RG - it'll probably still be around for a while - don't give up hope!

Little Gem - Suggestions noted and actioned!

MP - thanks for your kind words x

Vintage to Victorian said...

I'm so pleased you've booked to do the Giant Flea. Well done. Pop and say hello - it'll be lovely to say hello in person.