Monday, 29 December 2008

Advertising for Dummies

Seeing as the New Year is a time for new beginnings, I really must get on with promoting the website. Going completely against my natural instinct to procrastinate til the cows come home, I thought I'd try and get a head-start by throwing open the floor and asking for your ideas. I would really like to get some of my things featured in the press, so any tales of success would be much appreciated!

I also plan to bring you the beginnings of the 'secret project' I mentioned in my flea market post shortly.


Redwoodhouse said...

good luck with the web site, I love the opening page with the roses. I am afraid I have no great tales of success, but sell my cards to friends and a couple of shops but they take too long to make to make anything really, I just enjoy doing them.
the secret project is intriging...

Elaine said...

Very intriguing LOL, but if you can give any tips that are design for the technically/bloggoly challenged I will be very grateful.

A Happy and peaceful New Year to you and yours xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx