Thursday, 2 October 2008

Home Envy

Inspired by the post over at athriftymrs, I thought I would share my one of my favourite TV homes with you:

The Halliwell Manor, from 'Charmed'
(Charmed - The Halliwell's Coven)

The manor was supposed to have been in the family for generations and, for me, it really did look like it on screen. I could picture the sisters and their loved ones living there and raising their families. It's not strictly 'shabby chic', but it has that air of lifetimes of knowledge and accumulated possessions!

Sitting Room
(Charmed - The Halliwell's Coven)



My favourite room is probably the attic:

The Attic

There are loads more photos on here:



tedandagnes said...

ooh I love the Haliwell's house, the aunts house in Practical Magic is my fav though esp the amazing conservatory. rx

angel said...

Yes i often watched these prog's and loved all the furnishings and wow what a big house, my favourite room is also the attic.
Mwah X x X x X x X x X

Katie said...

Hi, I assume you're a Charmed fan, I happen to be a HUGE fan myself, I haven't checked how old you are yet, but if you're interested in a 13-year-olds blog, here you go. xxx