Monday, 29 September 2008

Autumn Winds

Well, Autumn has definitely arrived in the fair city of Brigstowe (an old name for Bristol)! It's cold, windy, the trees are on the turn and it's dark by half past seven in the evening. Never mind, I can curl up on the sofa with some knitting! Hardly a candidate for Feminist of the Year, with all this home-making am I?

It's also too cold to go in the garage and finish off some of my furniture. However, I shall risk rolling of eyes and gnashing of teeth from Him Indoors and try painting the drawers indoors on newspaper.

I'll have few projects to show you over the next couple of weeks as I've finally managed to get on with things and several UFOs (Un Finished Objects) are nearly ready.

Less can be said for my knitting - the sweater dress had to be unraveled due to a dropped stitch that could not be located despite a 24-hour search by HM CoastGuard, RNLI and Mountain Rescue tracker dogs (ok, not really, but credit to our emergency services at all times). The red cardigan is just a pile of yarn hanks as well!

I have a few treasures to show off that I picked up over the last couple of weeks. The tea sets were £3.95 and £6, the frames £1 for the two and the pie dish £1.49. I also collected a fab 30's display cabinet that I won on ebay for £10 on Saturday. We went over the bridge to Caldicot to get it and had a short walk in the woods by Tintern Abbey as well - it was such a clear, sunny day and the trees looked beautiful in the sunlight.

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