Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Busy Doing Nothing....

Well. I'm not very good at this blogging lark am I?! At this rate I might make it to double figures by Christmas!

I have been so very busy, you see! (yeah, right)

No really, I have.

We spent the entire weekend before last trying to put up wallpaper on one small section of the hall and it still doesn't look great. We have done the sensible thing and are going to 'get a man in' to redecorate. But we're going for the slightly cheaper option of stripping the existing paper and replastering, then painting.

I've given up with the sander and have brought out the noxious chemicals to try and strip the varnish off the Original Sideboard. It kind of works, but it's still hard work getting the crud off. However, neighbourly relations will hopefully improve as the sander is having a break. Mind you, at least my sander doesn't go on all day and evening, unlike a rather annoying yappy Yorkie terrier whose garden backs on to ours.
I have also make progress with the Little Chair - it now has webbing on the seat and it's foam back. I'll have a bash at the seat pad and sand down the legs tomorrow. I hope to start covering it at the weekend.

In the meantime I have three pairs of curtains to make, 4 chairs to sand down, repaint and sell on, a bedside cabinet to paint and sell, a tv stand to paint and sell and the other sideboard to lovingly paint and keep all for my very own. Oh and the cake stand too!

I'm going to be very busy for the next month or so. I may have something coming up that won't leave me a lot of time for shabbying, but I won't say too much at this stage in case I jinx things.

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angel said...

Hello, I know what its like with all that papering malarky, *get a man in* is what I always say, so good for you....
Good luck with all the renovations.

{get a slingshot for that yappie dog, lol]